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The Royal Free Hospital was founded in 1828. The main aim of this foundation was to provide healthcare to people who could not afford medical treatment. In 1837, Queen Victoria granted the hospital with the title "Royal" after recognising the hospital's work with cholera patients. It was the only hospital to stay open during the 19th-century cholera epidemic.


For several years, the Royal Free Hospital was the only hospital in London to provide medical education to women, which led to a close association with the London School of Medicine for Women, that was later renamed as the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine.


Today, the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust is one of the biggest Trusts in the UK, with around 10000 staff delivering excellent services to more than 1.6 million patients each year. The trust still continues to lead developments in healthcare and owns some of the best clinical results in England. The Trust's mortality rates have been consistently among the best in English trusts for many years. 


The Trust combines globally recognised clinical expertise with local and friendly hospital care to represent the NHS at its best. 


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The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust runs three hospitals in London: 

  • Barnet Hospital

  • Chase Farm Hospital

  • Royal Free Hospital

The Royal Free London leads UK healthcare in several areas, including:

  • immunology

  • liver transplant

  • kidney and bone marrow transplant

  • cancer treatment

  • plastic surgery and 

  • ENT surgery 

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The Royal Free Hospital is a major neuroscience base with a network extending throughout North London and into the southeast of England. The Trust also runs internationally recognised clinical research and training programmes, and its hospitals conduct many medical researches which are of international reputation. 

Why work for the Royal Free London? 

The Trust offers the nursing staff with the various flexible options while working that really help everyone to learn and nurture themselves, that becomes making it truly an exciting place to work like;

  • Opportunity to transfer between departments after nine months

  • Opportunity to rotate to HDU

  • Career clinics using the Capital Nurse Career framework

  • Guardianships for newly qualified nurses who can be allocated a ‘Guardian’ who is experienced nurse for coaching and support

  • Clear training/career pathway

  • Flexible working utilising self-rostering

  • Health and wellbeing events

  • Staff involvement in Quality Improvement programmes

  • ‘What Matters to You’ and ‘Joy in Work’ listening and engagement events

  • In-house accredited education programmes

  • Staff recognition awards

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Besides this, the trust provides a lively and energetic working environment and a structured professional development programme. The Royal Free London also offers you a wide range of attractive staff benefits, such as:

  • Staff Accommodation: The Trust will help you find an affordable home close to the Royal Free London sites, an exclusive accommodation service that can speed up your search.

  • Nursery and Childcare: From nurseries and nannies to a dedicated holiday play scheme, Royal Free London offers a range of childcare options and a dedicated Family Information Service. You also get access to childcare vouchers to help minimise the costs of your childcare.

  • Season Ticket Loans: The Trust helps you spread manage the cost of your travel by providing season tickets for bus and rail travel with a loan. You can repay this in instalments from your salary, spreading the cost over 12 months with no interest.

  • Health & Fitness: All staff members can access ‘The Rec Club’ – a sports and social club, at a discounted rate. The club offers a wide range of facilities including a gym, sauna, numerous fitness classes, personal trainers, and relaxation and beauty therapies.

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For the nurses from overseas countries:
  • Trust will refund the cost of IELTS / OET Fee up to £200

  • Trust will refund the cost of the CBT Fee

  • Trust will refund the NMC application fee £140

  • Trust will refund the cost of  Visa Application fee £232 only

  •  Trust will refund the cost of Flight ticket to UK

  • Trust will provide the first two months free on site accommodation

  • Trust will cover the cost of OSCE examination ( re-claimed via a deduction from the candidates monthly salary over a period of 12 months)

  • Pre-Registered Nurses will be pay the highest salary in Band 3 of £26,132. per annum (until such time as you have obtained your NMC registration)

  • Registered Nurses will be on the Salary of Band 5 £30,785.

  • Your normal hours of work will be 37.5 hours per week to include, days, nights and weekends on a rotational basis

Why London?

London is one of the world’s most visited cities, the city has something for everyone. From history and culture to great food and exceedingly good times. London has about 2000 years of history and is deeply cosmopolitan and exotic. It is a fact that one-third of Londoners were born overseas. With such diversity, London’s cultural dynamism makes it among the world’s most international cities.

Image by Alexander London
Image by chan lee

Transportation Hub 

London's public transport is considered as one of the best system in the world. Although the city has great roads and connectivity, London is the most walkable city on the planet. Trust us, there’s nothing better than a walk along the Thames.

The main source of public transport in London revolves around the Underground or the Tube as it is called by Londoners. This extensive network of 12 lines can get you to most places in the centre of the city quickly

The people outside the UK believe that the capital's transport system is one of the safest and most efficient public transport networks in the world. The Underground and the ever-cheerful London cabbie come in for particularly high praise.

London Tube
Brunch meetup

Food & Drinks

London's food doesn't come any more traditional - or tasty - than good old pie and mash. The Londoners particularly love to have tea a lot. 

 Fish and chips are a delicious, fried dish that consists of batter-coated, fried fish and chips. This delightful yet straightforward meal originated in England and has become one of the most famous London foods. It is best served hot and is eaten as a main course – but you can find it as a take-away snack from food stalls around London.

The English Breakfast is one of the best London foods, and many cafes and pubs serve it at any time of the day.

The city has numerous eateries, restaurants and pubs that you find in every corner serving multiple cuisines from Mexican tortillas, Italian pastas, Indian kebabs, Chinese dishes to tasty Japanese sushi. Almost every street in the city has cafes and pubs that exuberates anyone and everyone.  

Enjoying Street Food
Person admiring the city


London welcomes everyone and represents the cosmopolitan world, you will definitely find it as an extremely amazing place to live and add value to your lifestyle. Amazingly, the ‘Big Smoke’ is home to more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages.

The society of London is a multicultural society and the people are welcoming of every culture and creed.

The level of politeness among British people may surprise you at first as it’s certainly more prevalent than in some other countries. Don’t worry though because it’s easy to get used to; just say ‘thank you’ when someone has given you something or moved out of the way for you, ‘please’ when asking for something and ‘sorry’ should you bump into someone or inconvenience them slightly. 

People giving a high five

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