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One of the biggest and busiest NHS Trusts in the country, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, started functioning in 2000 and today is one of the largest acute teaching Trusts that one can find in England. Their CQC rating has an overall ‘Good’, which proves their dedication and sincerity towards patient care in the most diligent manner. The Trust ensures to provide continual improvement, training, education, and research support for their staff. Having gained recognition for their expertise in treatments related to cancer, renal and cardiac services, now they are upgrading their surgical techniques with modern age methodologies. Staff are given the best opportunity to train, and those with the right attitude to care and excel, are rewarded wisely by the management. Presently, they treat over one million people a year at three hospitals:

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(i) Leicester - Glenfield Hospital:


Glenfield Hospital is about three miles northwest of Leicester city centre. The hospital has approximately 415 beds and provides a range of services for patients, including nationally recognised medical care for heart disease, lung cancer and breast care.

(ii) Leicester General Hospital:


The General is on the outskirts of Leicester in Evington. It is about three miles east of Leicester city centre and has approximately 430 beds. The hospital provides a range of medical services, including care at our national centre for renal and urology patients.

Leicester General Hospital.jpg

(iii) Leicester Royal Infirmary:


Leicester Royal Infirmary is close to Leicester city centre. The hospital has approximately 1,000 beds and provides Leicestershire’s only accident and emergency service (our Emergency Department). It is also the base for our Children's Hospital.


Lifestyle and Leisure

Leicester is a place of diversity that welcomes people of various cultures. The spectacular region in the UK is located in the East-Midlands of England.Since 2013, Leicester is known as one of the best places to live in and settle as a family. It has excellent transport facilities and good employment opportunities, and hence all levels of the classes of society can survive in this beautiful place. Leicester is full of things to see and do. With the state-of-the-art, award-winning venues including Curve, Highcross Shopping Centre and the National Space Centre, a fantastic calendar of events and festivals, renowned museums and galleries, a range of cuisines, areas of natural beauty and ancient heritage, Leicester offers something of interest for all ages.


Travel in Leicester

Located in the heart of the country, the surrounding villages and countryside are easily reachable to explore. Our central location in the Midlands makes it to access from all directions. It takes just 62 minutes to come to Leicester on a fast, direct train from London. With excellent transport links to all parts of the country, including the M1 and M69 motorways, both Nottingham East Midlands and Birmingham International Airports are only an hour drive away.


  • The Trust works stringently on providing supreme class teaching so that the medical staff is equipped to do their best. They have coordinated with the University of Leicester and De Montfort University for this purpose.

  • Their CQC rating has an overall ‘Good’, which proves their dedication and sincerity towards patient care in the most diligent manner.

  • The Trust has been able to treat over one million people on a yearly basis.

  • The staff work is coordinated at three hospitals in Leicester - Glenfield Hospital, Leicester General Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary. The people are based at various places like Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

  • Equality and adequate support to all staff both professionally and also for mental strength is part of the work culture, making these places a wonderful place to work in.

  • Leicester is heaven for overseas staff because it accepts traditions, celebrations and cuisines from various countries.


OUR Recent Deployments

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