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Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is an award-winning NHS hospital and community services trust providing high quality, personalised, acute, elective, specialist and community care for a population of over 200,000 people from a widespread area covering 700 square miles within Yorkshire and Lancashire. Their catchment population stretches as far as the Yorkshire Dales and the National Park in North Yorkshire, reaching areas of North Bradford and Guiseley in West Yorkshire and extending into Colne and Pendle in the East of Lancashire.

The local population is very supportive of the Trust and their level of community engagement is a testament to this. Communities and location strongly shape the priorities of the Trust. Employing over 3,000 staff and over 350 committed volunteers. On an annual basis they treat over 32,000 Inpatients, 31,000 Non-Elective patients and 155,000 Outpatients. The Emergency Department sees approximately 70,000 patients and over 2,000 babies are born at Airedale Hospital each year.

The trust provides services from their main hospital site, Airedale Hospital, and at other locations across the community – such as Castleberg Hospital near Settle, Coronation Hospital in Ilkley and Skipton Hospital.

Values of the Trust 
  • Commitment to quality of care

  • Compassion

  • Working together for patients

  • Everyone counts

  • Respect and Dignity

  • Improving lives

Know the Location

Living in Yorkshire offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history, and warm community spirit. Yorkshire's vibrant cultural scene, with its renowned theaters, music festivals, and art galleries, provides a rich tapestry of entertainment. Moreover, the warmth and friendliness of Yorkshire residents create a strong sense of belonging and community spirit. With its stunning landscapes, cultural delights, and welcoming atmosphere, living in Yorkshire offers a truly fulfilling and enriching experience.


Yorkshire has a large base of primary and secondary schools operated by both local authorities and private bodies, and a dozen universities, along with a wide range of colleges and further education facilities. Five universities are based in Leeds, two in Sheffield, two in York, and one each in Bradford, Hull, Middlesbrough and Huddersfield. The largest universities by enrolment are Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Leeds, each with over 31,000 students, followed by Leeds Beckett University, and the most recent to attain university status is the Leeds Arts University.

Student Library

Transportation Hub

Yorkshire offers an extensive and well-connected transport network, ensuring convenient and efficient travel throughout the region. The transportation facilities in Yorkshire cater to various needs, whether for commuting, leisure, or exploring the diverse landscapes. The region benefits from a comprehensive road network, including major motorways and well-maintained highways, allowing for easy access to cities, towns, and rural areas. Public transportation options are abundant, with reliable bus services operating both within cities and interconnecting different regions. For longer journeys, Yorkshire benefits from excellent rail connectivity, with frequent train services connecting major cities like Leeds, York, Sheffield, and Hull, as well as providing access to other parts of the country. Additionally, Yorkshire is well-served by airports, including Leeds Bradford Airport, providing domestic and international flights. The transport facilities in Yorkshire are designed to ensure seamless connectivity, making it convenient for residents and visitors to explore the region and beyond.

Why join Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Aside from being a reputed Trust in the UK, Airedale also offers several benefits to individuals who are pursuing a role with the trust. One of the biggest benefits of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is their focus on the health, wellbeing and capability of their staff, the trust understands that such factors are a key enabler to achieving its vision and values that focuses on delivering safe, effective and high-quality care to its service users.

The trust supports its staff using its agile and inclusive wellbeing offers, dedicated employee health and wellbeing service and their Employee Assistance Programme.

Having integrated one-to-one wellbeing inductions and annual wellbeing conversations with colleagues and their managers into their framework allows the trust to openly discuss how best they can support your wellbeing at work.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The trust offers a range of support and resources around mental wellbeing including their Employee Health and Wellbeing services.

Their dedicated staff clinical psychologist offers therapeutic input to difficulties such as work-related stress, post-traumatic symptoms, interpersonal difficulties, anxiety and depression. These confidential, self-referral service and sessions are tailored to the individuals needs.

Nurse with Patient
Physical Therapy Session

Physical Wellbeing

When it comes to physical wellbeing the Trust boasts lots of green space and nature landscapes where one can go walking and even host outdoor meetings. A dedicated wellbeing garden is the perfect quiet and tranquil area for relaxing when on breaks.

Employees are also entitled to fast-track referrals to Employee Health and Wellbeing including in-house physiotherapy services.

Aside from these hollistic benefits the Trust also offers several compensatory benefits to all individuals who work with them.

  • Flexible Working Opportunities

  • Generous annual leave policy

  • NHS pension scheme

  • Staff Lottery

  • Staff discounts

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