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About the Hospital

Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust provides combined healthcare services at Homerton University Hospital and in the community of Hackney and neighbouring areas. The Trust provides a wide range of medical and surgical speciality services for children, adults and older people. The acute service-providing site of the Trust, Homerton University Hospital, was opened in 1986. In the latest inspection conducted by the Care Quality Commission, UK, on 28 & 29 Jan 2020, the hospital earned an Outstanding overall rating. The hospital is equipped with:

  • Around 500 beds

  • 11 wards

  • A ten-bedded ICU 

  • Maternity ward

  • Paediatric ward 

  • Neonatal ward

  • 3 day-surgery theatres

  • 6 main operating theatres

  • Surgical treatment room


Community Services are provided through 75 partner sites across Hackney and London. In addition, the Trust also has a separate registration to provide continuing health care at the Mary Seacole Nursing Home.


Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust received a rating of Good for Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, Well-led, Use of resources, and Overall from the Care Quality Commission, UK. 

Examining an X-Ray
Why should you choose THIS TRUST?

Homerton is a terrific place to advance your nursing career, whether you're a nurse interested in acute departments or community settings. The Trust employs approximately 1,200 nurses at Homerton, and many of its senior nurses have developed careers within the Trust through a wide range of career development strategies. In addition, Homerton Healthcare provides various benefits for its staff, including:


NHS Pension: The NHS Pension scheme is among the most comprehensive and generous in the United Kingdom. As soon as you begin working for the NHS, you will automatically become a member of the scheme and get substantial pension benefits.


Flexible Working: Various flexible working options are available at the Trust in order to help its staff maintain a healthy work-life balance. Most departments in the Trust operate informal flexible working options; however, some wards have piloted an electronic rota system, permitting staff to reserve their own shifts.


Training and Development: The Trust helps its staff develop the right skills, improve knowledge, and maintain the required attitude to perform in respective roles efficiently. To achieve this objective, the Trust has developed several short-term and long-term training options for the workforce. 


Health Assured: It is a counselling service provided by the Trust to help staff gain free and confidential advice and information. Expert advisors are available to provide you with comprehensive solutions and assistance on various daily life issues.


Healthy Workplace: Homerton Healthcare gives highest importance to the health and safety of its staff. Several services are available to support the same, including occupational health services, relevant training sessions, counselling services, Etc.


Equality and Diversity: The Trust is committed to ensuring every staff feel valued at work. In addition, equality, fair treatment, and social inclusion are at the core of the government's modernization plans for the NHS.


Staff Discounts: Wide range of discounts are available at local shops, cafes, and retailers, access to offers on a wide variety of leading stores, travel and leisure facilities, Etc. 

Child at the Pediatrician
LIFE IN London

London welcomes and becomes home to everyone through numerous attractive advantages. exceedingly good times. London is one of the world’s most visited cities, the city has something for everyone. From history and culture to great food and exceedingly good times. London has about 2000 years of history and is deeply cosmopolitan and exotic. It is a fact that one-third of Londoners were born overseas. With such diversity, London’s cultural dynamism makes it among the world’s most international cities.

Transportation Hub


London's public transport is considered as one of the best system in the world. Although the city has great roads and connectivity, London is the most walkable city on the planet. Trust us, there’s nothing better than a walk along the Thames.

The main source of public transport in London revolves around the Underground or the Tube as it is called by Londoners. This extensive network of 12 lines can get you to most places in the centre of the city quickly

The people outside the UK believe that the capital's transport system is one of the safest and most efficient public transport networks in the world. The Underground and the ever-cheerful London cabbie come in for particularly high praise.


Food & Drinks


London's food doesn't come any more traditional - or tasty - than good old pie and mash. The Londoners particularly love to have tea a lot. 

Fish and chips are a delicious, fried dish that consists of batter-coated, fried fish and chips. This delightful yet straightforward meal originated in England and has become one of the most famous London foods. It is best served hot and is eaten as a main course – but you can find it as a take-away snack from food stalls around London.

The English Breakfast is one of the best London foods, and many cafes and pubs serve it at any time of the day.

The city has numerous eateries, restaurants and pubs that you find in every corner serving multiple cuisines from Mexican tortillas, Italian pastas, Indian kebabs, Chinese dishes to tasty Japanese sushi. Almost every street in the city has cafes and pubs that exuberates anyone and everyone.  



London welcomes everyone and represents the cosmopolitan world, you will definitely find it as an extremely amazing place to live and add value to your lifestyle. Amazingly, the ‘Big Smoke’ is home to more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages.

The society of London is a multicultural society and the people are welcoming of every culture and creed.

The level of politeness among British people may surprise you at first as it’s certainly more prevalent than in some other countries. Don’t worry though because it’s easy to get used to; just say ‘thank you’ when someone has given you something or moved out of the way for you, ‘please’ when asking for something and ‘sorry’ should you bump into someone or inconvenience them slightly.


Big Ben
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