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Jersey General Hospital, located in Saint Helier, is the sole hospital on the island of Jersey. In 1765, the hospital was founded. Jersey General Hospital has been a hospital poorhouse since 1793, and it also operated as a lunatic asylum until St Saviour's Hospital opened in 1868. In 1859, a fire largely damaged the structure.


Today, the Jersey General Hospital has over 200 beds and provides acute, community and social services. The major departments of the hospital are: 

  • Ear, Nose and Throat Department (ENT)

  • Endoscopy Unit 

  • Day surgery unit (DSU)

  • Dermatology Department

  • Arthritis (rheumatology service)

  • Heart conditions and cardiac services

  • Speech and language therapy

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 

  • Enhanced Care Area (ECA) 

  • Neurology and Neurosciences, etc.


The Bailiwick of Jersey is the official name for the island of Jersey, which is located between the northern and southern coasts of France. Jersey is a British overseas territory. As a Crown Dependency area, it is formally part of the British Islands. As a result, Jersey is self-governing and autonomous, with its own legal, administrative, and fiscal systems. 

Jersey is the place to go to have a true island experience, complete with unique people, cuisine, places to visit, history, and opportunities to hear a variety of island stories. The people of the islands are also recognised for their love of festivals, celebrations, and sports. Jersey has a multi-layered history, which is why there are so many museums and galleries on the island.


Schools: The Jersey curriculum follows that of England. The Government of Jersey provides education through state schools, including a fee-paying option at the secondary level and also supports private schools. 

Further/ Higher Education: Highlands College is the further education and university centre of Jersey, which also works collaboratively with a range of organisations, including the Open University, University of Plymouth and London South Bank University.

The Institute of Law is the law school of Jersey that provides teaching for students enrolled on the University of London LLB degree programme through the International Programmes. 

Girls in School Uniform
Image by Connor McSheffrey


Currently, there is no rail transportation on the island, and the primary mode of transport is the motor vehicle. There are 80 plus busses covering 25 routes as a part of public transportation. Other than public busses, a taxi network, and an electronic bike scheme, are available on the island. Jersey has a road network consisting of 346 miles (557 km).


The climate of Jersey is oceanic, with mild winters and mild to warm summers. The Atlantic Ocean has an intense effect on the temperature in Jersey. On the island, water has a much greater specific heat capacity than air and tends to heat and cool slowly throughout the year.

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Why should you choose JERSEY GENERAL HOSPITAL?


  • Starting salary for a registered nurse is £44,120 

  • Annual Leave: Registered nurses are entitled to an annual leave scheme consisting of five weeks and three days. In addition, eight or nine bank holidays are also available depending on whether Liberation Day falls on a weekday. 

  • Your spouse can work in any private or public sector post in Jersey.

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