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HERTFORDSHIRE COMMUNITY NHS TRUST provides a range of health services for adults and children across Hertfordshire with a population of over 1.2 million people. Services are diverse and cover the full age spectrum from pre-birth to end of life and ranging from school nursing and health visiting for children and young people, to community nursing, diabetes services, rehabilitation in community hospitals, as well as other specialist services for adults and children. The Trust has 48 CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered services and employs approximately 2000 staff in a variety of roles.


The Trust had been at the forefront of the COVID-19 response, by making sure that people still receive their care, despite the pandemic, and by delivering the COVID-19 vaccination programme, through vaccination centres and in schools.

Hertfordshire Communitty NHS Trust provides the following core services:


  • Community adults

  • Community inpatients

  • End of life care

  • Community dental

  • Children and young people's services


The Trust has 6 registered locations:


  • Howard Court (Trust HQ)

  • Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital

  • HMP The Mount

  • Herts Special Care Dental Services

  • Danesbury Neurological Rehabilitation Unit

  • Hertfordshire and Essex Hospital




"Outstanding services, healthier communities"






Know the Location


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Bus on Bridge



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Relocation & Salary package

  • Trust will provide salary of Band 4 (£27596)

  • Trust will provide salary of Band 5 (£28407 + HCAS £1192 to £2011) upon completion of registration

  • Trust will fund Certificate of Sponsorship

  • Trust will fund Immigration Skills Charge

  • Trust will fund UK Health and Care Visa

  • Trust will fund flight ticket Trust will handle airport transfer

  • Trust will provide 3 months accommodation (1 month hotel + financial support for 2 months)

  • Trust will fund cost of OSCE exam (1st attempt)

  • Trust will provide 3 week OSCE Training programme

  • Trust will cover NMC Registration fee

  • Trust will cover cost of CBT exam

  • Trust will cover cost of OET exam (1st attempt)

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