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The National Health Service was established in Scotland through the implementation of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act in 1947, which took effect on 5 July, 1948. Over the years, the NHS in Scotland has continued to improve and adapt to changing circumstances by embracing new technology and innovations, with a focus on meeting the needs of the communities it serves.


NHS Fife is among the 14 Regional NHS Boards in Scotland and provides healthcare services to approximately 370,000 people. It is also one of the biggest employers in the region, with over 8,500 staff. The organization works in close collaboration with various partners, such as Fife Council, Fife Health & Social Care Partnership, other Health Boards in Scotland, the voluntary and independent sector, and the general public.

Hospitals and Clinics


There are two main hospitals in Fife; the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy and the Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline.


The Victoria Hospital is where specialist and acute services are based. These include Accident & Emergency, Admissions units, Maternity and Children’s Services, Renal, Surgical and Medical wards and the Diabetes Centre. A wide range of support services are also based on site, such as our laboratories and our laundry service.


Queen Margaret Hospital is home to a number of community and therapy services, alongside a Minor Injuries Unit and a state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment centre, which includes the Regional Endoscopy Unit.


In addition, Fife is home to a further eight community hospitals spread across the Kingdom:

  • Lynebank Hospital in Dunfermline

  • Glenrothes Hospital

  • Whyteman’s Brae Hospital in Kirkcaldy

  • Cameron Hospital in Windygates

  • Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital in Buckhaven

  • Stratheden Hospital in Springfield

  • Adamson Hospital in Cupar

  • St Andrews Community Hospital.


There are also 55 GP practices, 59 dentists, 46 opticians and 85 community pharmacies throughout Fife.

Why choose NHS Fife

Fife is a remarkable place to reside and work in, as it boasts breathtaking scenery, a deep-rooted past, and a number of recreational and pastime pursuits. The region has its unique identity and character. Additionally, the cost of living in Fife is less expensive than the average Scottish national cost of living. The housing prices are exceptionally reasonable and present an excellent opportunity to have a high standard of living and a gratifying quality of life.


As one of the largest employers in the region, NHS Fife is a forward-thinking and innovative organisation which offers an exciting and diverse range of work, training and study opportunities for people from all backgrounds.


Leading the way in a range of areas, NHS Fife has produced a number of pioneering programmes and cutting-edge projects which have become Scottish ‘firsts’. For those with an interest in research, there is a wide range of support, practical advice and information on offer.


NHS Fife works to provide a supportive environment for staff where strong teams work and develop together and where individuals can flourish to realise their full potential.


Scotland is a great country in which to make a career in healthcare, with opportunities for a varied and fulfilling working life. Here, you will have the chance to work in one of the most advanced health services in the world, in a country with a medical research record second to none. There are opportunities in all aspects of modern healthcare and medicine, in all types of settings, ranging from ultra-specialised, cutting-edge practice to working at the heart of your community in some of the most beautiful and inspiring countryside in the world.


Fife is a small region on the east coast of central Scotland with excellent links to Scotland’s major cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, Aberdeen, Inverness, and Perth.


Fife is a destination that offers many contrasts, making it a fantastic place to reside. The region comprises vibrant towns, quaint villages, awe-inspiring beaches, and magnificent hills that provide endless activities, ensuring a balance between work and leisure.


Compared to neighbouring cities, Fife provides a relaxed pace of life, allowing its residents to enjoy an unbeatable quality of life. The Kingdom's principal towns are all within easy reach and can be commuted in under half an hour. Additionally, Fife is located near Edinburgh, Perth, and Dundee, offering easy access to the cities without experiencing much traffic.                                                                                                             


Fifers can revel in the region's stunning coastline, gorgeous countryside, and award-winning beaches. The competitive cost of living and reasonably priced houses are available throughout the region, ranging from picturesque coastal villages to bustling towns rich in history. Hence, Fife is an excellent choice for those seeking an ideal work/life balance.

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